Where to Start with Gunpla?

So you’re ready to choose your first kit and need some recommendations?

Entry Grade Category Banner

Beginner Gunpla

The Entry Grade RX-78-2 is a great pick for your first build. This is the first kit released in a new line of ‘Entry Grade’ models.

It is a modern kit designed for those new to the hobby.

No tools are required as parts can easily pop off the runner

The end result is an extremely poseable and great looking scale model of the iconic RX-78-2 Gundam.

Tools of the Trade

For the following kits that follow we would recommend getting yourself a nipper. These are a basic tool for separating parts from the runner.

While there are fancier nippers around, the official Bandai entry nipper is all you need to get started.

To help you get things off the ground we’ll discount these if you pick up a High Grade kit.

30mm Missions Category

A Taste of Building

30 Minutes Missions are Bandai kits not based on Mobile Suits from the Gundam franchise.

They are very beginner friendly with few runners / parts and easy to follow instructions.

As the name suggests, these builds should only take 30 minutes from unboxing to build.

Gunpla 30mm Instructions
Super Deformed Category

Smaller Gundam

SD Gunpla are chibi kits with fewer parts and are easy for beginners to pick up and immediately get a taste of what Gunpla is all about.

Like the entry grade kit above, SD Gunpla parts can be removed from the runner without a nipper but we would still recommend using one for the best results.

High Grade Category

Dive Straight into Gunpla

You’ve made your mind up and you want to get stuck straight into building those kits you see all over social media.

High Grade kits are where it’s at!

1/144 the size of what a ‘real’ mobile suit would be. High Grades offer a highly rewarding build experience especially for those new to building.

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