Entry Grade RX-78-2 Classic Pose

New Builder Offer

UPDATE 20/07/21 – This offer has now ended. It may return in the future.

EG to HG Offer Banner

This is an offer unlike anything we have ever implemented on the store before. Our pledge has always been to introduce new people to Gunpla and the Entry Grade RX-78-2 has been an affordable and rewarding experience for new builders. It requires no tools, little time investment, is easy to build and looks amazing.

We want to help our new builders take the leap towards more traditional Gunpla kits. The next logical step is High Grade.

As we explain in our beginners guide to Gunpla, High Grade kits are still easy to build but require a pair of nippers. They also feature more parts than Entry Grade but you end up with a more detailed model kit. High Grade also features the greatest choice of all the grades with a variety of kits spanning the whole Gundam Universe.

To help with this, if you have purchased an Entry Grade kit from us you can get 20% off your first High Grade kit and a free Grey Gundam Marker (worth £3.99). On top of that, you will still earn Gunpla Points.

If you are eligible for the offer, you will see the following banner across the checkout screen when you go to purchase a High Grade kit:

New Builder Coupon

Hitting ‘Apply Coupon’ will take 20% off your order and add a free Grey Gundam Marker to your basket.

This is a good opportunity to introduce your friends and family to the hobby and of course our referral program is still very much in effect.

Terms of the offer:

  • Only customers who are logged in will see the offer. That said, if you have bought an EG kit and didn’t sign up, you can register an account using the same email address and you should be eligible.
  • The offer is designed for those who have just dipped their toe into the hobby and want more. It only applies if you have ONLY bought an EG RX-78-2 and have not made subsequent orders. Maybe when it’s time to move on to Real Grade or Master Grade kits?
  • Cashing out Gunpla Points will void the offer (this happens automatically) but you can of course spend them on subsequent orders.
  • This is a one time use offer.
  • We’re only human and make mistakes sometimes. If you want to take part in the offer and believe you are eligible, please reach out and we will do everything we can to help. This has been a little tricky to implement so apologies in advance if you do experience any issues 🙂

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Entry Grade RX-78-2 Classic Pose
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